Data Directory coming soon

Think Digital Partners is launching a Data Directory to sit alongside the already successful Digital ID and Cybersecurity Directories

Posted 11 September 2023 by Matt Stanley

When Think Digital Partners launched its conference programme into the tech verticals within public sector back in 2017 we heard stories from various government departments about how the ‘information grab’ part of the procurement process could easily last months wasting significant time and money. Off of the back of some of these discussions we sat down with a DWP Digital Director and devised the basis of the Digital ID Directory which is now sitting on our main website. 

The aim of the directory was to make it simple and quick for procurement teams to find the suppliers of the ‘appropriate products and services’ that aligned with their current needs using a search facility that offered over 70 different categories. 

Put simply the directory is a buyers guide for procurement teams and a marketing hub for the suppliers that list themselves there. Within each listing you can find details of products, services, testimonials, customers, partners, industry insight and the obvious contact details from the supplier all in one easy to find place. The Digital ID Directory quickly grew and its launch was followed by the Cybersecurity Directory and between them these two directories now generate over 17,000 views and engagements each month.

In the next few weeks (and on the run up to the next Think Data for Government conference) Think Digital Partners will be launching the Data Directory to sit alongside the Digital Identity and Cybersecurity Directories.

If you are a company that offers data product and services to the public sector, then you should consider listing in the new directory. Below you can see the 64 different categories being used in the search at launch. The directory will be heavily promoted to our public and private sector audience and promotional copies will be emailed to all delegates attending our Data conference in December. If you would like details on how to list your company please get in touch.

User focus 
Technical users 
Non-technical users
Internal users (enterprise) 
External end users (consumers) 
Educational users
Managed services 
Raw data 
Data engineering services
Data infrastructure
Data cleansing services 
Data export services
Data frameworks 
Data mining services 
Data ingestion services 
IoT data solutions
API connectors
Derived data 
Data science services 
Data analysis services
Data warehouse solutions 
Data lake solutions
Enterprise application integration
ETL services
Cloud service derived data 
Image data services
Mobile analytics 
Generated datasets 
Algorithms as a service 
Machine learning services 
Smart navigation 
Streaming Services
Synthetic data generation
Cognitive search
Chatbots & digital assistants 
Model training services
Machine learning libraries 
Decision Support 
Data visualisation
Augmented intelligence
Business intelligence
GRC platforms  
GDPR compliance platforms 
Test analytics
Guided learning 
Data literacy
Product analytics
Web analytics
Sales analytics
Marketing analytics 
Forecasting services
Automated decision making
ADM platforms
ADMS services
Artificial intelligence as a service
Machine translation 
Automated advertising placement 
Automated advertising personalisation 
Compliance automation 
Automated exception reporting 
User interface 
Web elements 
Wearables & IoT

You can view the Digital ID Directory here and Cybersecurity Directory here. You can also take a look at our Data for Government conference and register to attend here