Women in Identity doubles its membership

Women in Identity announces appointment of new Board members as growth in membership doubles and identity inclusion takes centre stage

Posted 5 July 2022 by Christine Horton

Women in Identity (WiD) has more than doubled its membership since its founding in 2019 with the need for inclusion and diversity in the creation of identity solutions driving the growth.

In recognition of this growth, the non-profit membership organisation has expanded its board of directors to include leaders it says have the skills and experiences to steward WiD through this next phase of growth. The new appointments to the board, which is comprised 100 percent of women, includes, trustees Christine Bassarab, Kay Chopard, Kimberly Sutherland, Louise Maynard-Atem and Melissa Carvalho, alongside Executive Director, Kate Oldham and board liaison, Laura Barrowcliff. Emma Lindley, a co-founder of WiD, will continue to serve as chair.

More than a billion people have no official proof of identity, according to the World Bank. Difficulty proving identity and using identity systems disproportionately affects members of specific groups, including women, ethnic minorities, older and younger people, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities and those with low income. Representing 32 countries, WiD says its global team, volunteers and membership are driving the digital identity industry to build inclusive identity solutions that enable civic, social, and economic empowerment around the world. It cites a study by McKinsey in 2019 that says that providing digital IDs at a national level could increase GDP by 3 to 13 percent by 2030.

According to Emma Lindley, co-founder of WiD, the organisation’s growth has led to the creation of the only curated identity jobs board to enable more diversity in the industry. “The jobs board features opportunities for our members by highlighting open positions from establishments that want to have diverse teams.”

Inclusion in identity product development

WiD has also delivered the first part of its research into inclusion in identity product development. The research is currently focused on digital identity in financial services, seeking to create a practical guide to the development of more diverse and inclusive digital identity solutions.

“Our global team and volunteers have made this happen,” said Lindley, who was awarded an MBE in 2022 for her work in broadening diversity and inclusion in the digital identity industry.

“I would like to thank the current Board members Pam Dingle and Colette D’Alessandro for their time and commitment. I am looking forward to working with our newest Board members who are an incredibly talented group of leaders who will take us forward and support our plans for growth. There has never been a more important time to do the work we do in the identity industry,” she added.