Innovolar: Organisations don’t have to choose between trust and conversion

Innovolar CEO advocates for a an ‘ID plus selfie’ approach

Posted 23 June 2022 by Christine Horton

It is a myth that organisations must choose between trust and conversion, according to Maarten Wegdam PhD, CEO and co-founder at Dutch scale-up Innovalor.

To have both, Wegdam advocates for a document-centric identity verification approach, rather than relying on data.

“If you want to remotely identify someone, you look at their documents or you look at knowledge,” said Wegdam. “You should only use it as a last resort. There are so many cases of identity fraud if you base your identity verification on this. Of course, good enough security is good enough security. But if you do something that’s a little bit more sensitive, more attractive for someone to commit fraud, then knowledge-based is not the way to go.

“Besides, if you ask for a lot of data, it’s not only user unfriendly, but you also create a privacy policy in itself that the data has to be maintained and available for a human operator or a computer to access,” he added.

Document-centric approach to identity

A document-centric approach to identity – also called ‘ID plus selfie’ – employs NFC or optical verification. It means people can leverage what people already have, such as government-issued identity documents with contactless NFC chips, like passports, alongside their smartphones.

Speaking at the Think Digital Identity for Government event, Wegdam noted that 91 percent of Brits over 15 have a passport.

“They could leverage this to create an online identity,” he explained.

Innovolar produces ReadID, an NFC-based mobile identity verification solution. Users use the ReadID app to first scan the machine readable part of the identity document like a passport, and then read the chip using NFC. This enables the user to verify their identity from a validated source.

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