Entrust expands cloud security services footprint in Europe

New datacentres enable customers to address regional data sovereignty requirements with nShield cloud HSM

Posted 9 December 2021 by Christine Horton

Entrust has announced the geographic expansion of its nShield as a Service hardware security module (HSM) offerings with new datacentres in the European Union and plans for regional expansion in the Asia Pacific region.

nShield cloud HSM integrates with widely used applications and cloud services to support use cases that include protecting certificates, PKI, database encryption, code signing, digital signing and blockchain.

Entrust nShield as a Service was launched in 2019 with datacentres in the UK and the US. The company is now expanding the service with the opening of multiple datacentre locations in Germany and plans to open datacenters in Australia in early 2022.

This, it says, will enable customers in these regions to take advantage of nShield cloud HSM for their applications while geo-fencing their critical cryptographic keys within their own jurisdictions to respond to concerns regarding data sovereignty and compliance with regional data protection regulations.

The use of multiple sites within the countries also helps customers to meet high-availability and disaster recovery requirements. Entrust nShield as a Service delivers the same functionality as on-premises nShield HSMs, in a subscription-based solution. As such, nShield as a Service enables the generation, access, and protection of cryptographic key material using dedicated FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ certified nShield HSMs, without the need to host and maintain the appliances.

“Today’s enterprises are moving more of their core business applications to the cloud. The expansion of nShield as a Service into new datacenters facilitates geo-fencing to help meet cloud data security, data sovereignty mandates and regulatory compliance,” said Cindy Provin, SVP and general manager for digital identity and data security at Entrust.

Entrust nShield as a Service works with the major cloud service providers (CSPs) including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud, while giving customers flexibility, visibility, and control of their cryptographic keys throughout their lifecycle. With this level of control, it says customers can migrate to the cloud with the assurance that they can also keep an on-premises environment running for specific regulatory needs.