DWP’s approach to remote identity verification for citizens: Lessons learned so far

The DWP Digital team will be presenting some details of their approach to creating user centred digital identity solutions at our upcoming conference

Posted 10 November 2021 by Matt Stanley

With just over two weeks to go before the latest instalment of our Think Digital Identity for Government conference programme kicks off we look briefly at the newest session to be placed.

Think Digital Partners is very pleased to have a close relationship with the digital identity team at DWP Digital and this session takes the form of a presentation by two of their team, Jane Hall, Interim Lead User Researcher, Shared Channels Experience and Ben Fraser, Interim Lead Interaction Designer, Identity & Trust.

DWP set-up Identity & Trust (ID&T) to implement cross-channel identity verification (IDV) capabilities for DWP service lines. The last 18 months has seen a focused user-centred design and research process that seeks to understand the needs of citizens around remote IDV, taking the resulting solutions from Discovery to Alpha, with a Private Beta due soon.

Jane and Ben will take you through the journey the ID&T Design & Research team has undertaken, covering the challenges of designing a central capability (as opposed to an end-to-end service), the pitfalls they encountered, and the resulting IDV design and research insights and good practices that have emerged from their work.

We spoke briefly to Cheryl Stevens MBE, Digital Director, Shared Channels Experience at DWP Digital about the session to get her thoughts. Stevens said, “for the last few years I have consistently talked about my vision for proportionate, inclusive digital identity for the 20 million customers we have in DWP. My team have been relentless in pursuing that vision in order to create user centred solutions. This session really explains the approach over those years and the brilliant outcomes that have followed. I am really excited about this session; it is not to be missed!”

You can still register for the conference on November 25th here.