Businesses fall short of consumer expectations for login experiences

Research by Auth0 Survey says firms are failing to deliver on modern login technologies – with the UK falling behind on biometrics

Posted 7 June 2021 by Christine Horton

Most organisations fail to meet consumer expectations around login technology, according to new research.

A survey into Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) by Auth0 and YouGov shows that consumers want greater choice in login technologies, and actively seek them out.

Nearly half (49 percent) of consumers surveyed say they are more likely to sign up to an app or online service if a company offers Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Almost half (47 percent) are also more likely to sign up if they can log in with Single Sign-On (SSO) – using a single ID and password for multiple related services, followed closely by demand for biometrics (46 percent), social logins (37 percent), and passwordless (34 percent).

However, most businesses don’t offer these login options, despite the demand, and general frustration with using traditional passwords. While 45 percent of businesses surveyed do offer SSO capabilities, fewer than a third offer MFA (28 percent), biometrics (21 percent), social logins (31 percent), or passwordless (20 percent). Across the six markets surveyed, 11 percent of the IT and marketing decision makers said they don’t offer any of these login technologies. 

“Clearly there’s a gap between consumer and business expectations, but it really comes down to convenience. Consumers want to use digital services, but if the login process is clunky or frustrating, they will take their businesses elsewhere,” said Steven Rees-Pullman, SVP, international at Auth0.

“With the proliferation of online threats, organisations are challenged to find the right balance between ease and security, and it’s really an ‘aha moment’ when they realise how identity management can help.”

UK businesses behind on biometrics

Comparing the results internationally, European organisations are on par with their Asia-Pacific counterparts in offering SSO for their customers; however they’re well behind the curve when it comes to biometric login adoption vs. consumer expectations. UK businesses are falling especially short when it comes to biometrics, where only 14 percent of businesses offer biometrics, MFA (28 percent), and passwordless (13 percent).

APAC organisations are ahead of their European counterparts in offering technology such as social logins, biometrics, and MFA. Australian and Singaporean businesses are twice as likely to use biometric login, with 34 percent of IT and marketing decision makers surveyed saying their companies currently offer customers the ability to log in with the use of biometrics, compared to Germany (17 percent), Japan (15 percent), France (14 percent), and the UK (14 percent).