Digital ID Directory: Prove

Prove performs Identity verification AND multi-factor authentication, instantly and silently for any consumer interaction.

Posted 24 November 2020 by Matt Stanley

Today we spoke with Keiron Dalton VP of International Business Development at Prove (formerly Payfone) a significant US Identity provider setting up their operation in the UK.

Morning Keiron, to begin can you please tell us a bit more about your company.

Prove is an authentication and identity expert, specialising in its award-winning Phone Intelligence technology. This tech replaces traditional identity verification processes such as static passwords, cumbersome security questions and long-winded SMS OTP with an alternative that is both easier to use and more secure for end users. 

Prove secures the digital onboarding, servicing, call center and payment services of over 1,000 enterprises and 500 banks. 

Prove’s global cloud solutions and mobile intelligence-driven APIs, significantly increase the Approve Rates of digital transactions while mitigating fraud with a focus on accuracy, ease and privacy.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper: how do you specifically help a customer? What sort of problems do you tend to get called in to help with?

We centre on the mobile number as the critical element of digital identity. This enables us to impact on a number of customer journeys. The main use case is typically helping remove friction and fraud from onboarding customers, digital servicing and payments. We create an intrinsic link between an individual’s identity and the mobile. 

With over 10 years of experience in this field, it ensures we have a firm understanding of mobile risk and identity. 

Do you have any named customers or case studies you’d like to talk about?

Within the banking sector we have over 500 UK and global customers. We also have a significant presence in healthcare, retail and insurance. We don’t typically talk publicly about our deployments due to the nature of our capability. We can provide on request. 

What is your Digital Identity story, in a sentence? Why would a buyer need to work with you now?

Digital identity starts with your mobile and we understand more surrounding a mobile number in terms of possession, reputation and ownership than anyone else globally. As more journeys become reliant on mobile, the more there is a requirement to verify identity associated to the mobile. 

Do you have a particular public sector angle you also want to highlight for our readers?

With our mobile centric view, it allows us to open up new digital services within the government and protect the UK public. This combined with a ubiquitous mobile offering to the UK as a whole, ensures inclusivity. An opportunity to remove friction for all rather than the few. 

Finally, if we come back in 12 months from now to refresh your profile in the Directory, what would you like to be able to say you’d achieved or progressed in the intervening time?

There are a number of goals we’re actively delivering against. Our unique Mobile Authentication solution is providing a frictionless approach to possession for SCA/PSD2. We’re confident this will become the gold standard in authentication for UK enterprise, as well as hopefully the public sector. We have a number of other innovative solutions surrounding our core capabilities that are soon to be launched. All geared towards reduced friction and improved fraud prevention. The ultimate aim is to enable transactions and the digital economy.

Thanks for talking to us today Keiron. You can view the Prove Digital ID Directory listing here.