G-Cloud 12 Contenders: CyBourn

TDP speaks to Andy Laver, VP of Sales at Cyber supplier Cybourn who have just successfully listed on the GCloud 12. Andy tells us more about what Cybourn has to offer government buyers.

Posted 20 October 2020 by Matt Stanley

Welcome to the Digital Contenders Andy, let’s start by telling us about your company CyBourn and it’s value proposition

CyBourn is a global cybersecurity company with the mission to address challenges in technologies and operations in cyberspace. We increase protection by providing forward-thinking transparent services for threat detection, prevention, and response.

Our values are centred around effective service delivery while leveraging technology and enabling innovation for our clients. We serve them as a strategic partner, and our skills and expertise span across the private sector, public sector and government bodies. We are a CREST accredited SOC, one of only a handful of MSPs to achieve this status.

What is its relevance to the public sector? Do you have any examples of organisations in the sector that have used you successfully?

Since CyBourn’s inception, we have focused more on Enterprise clients that were looking for 24*7 SOC Services now that we have a solid foundation of clients it has enabled us to expand our portfolio of services to include, Pentesting, incident response, Threat Hunting and Cyber Awareness services such as Phishing this now means that we can support Public Sector and Local Government clients that are looking for a broad range of Cyber Security Services.

How did you find the process of on-boarding onto the GCloud, and do you have any guidance or others on the basis of that experience?

To be honest, we were worried that the process would be exhaustive, but we were pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was. For us now it’s about learning to navigate the whole Digital Marketplace and to see where we should focus our efforts to gain maximum value. I hope to be working closely with Think Digital Partners to utilise their skills and experience to use the Digital Marketplace to its full potential.

If we came back to talk to you in a year, what would you like to be able to say you’d achieved in the public sector IT space?

I would like to be sitting on a yacht in the Caribbean sipping cocktails because it has gone so well! No in all seriousness I think for us a good achievement will be that we have managed to sell our portfolio of services into the Public Sector, It will be a very proud moment for us just to win that first opportunity no matter how small. For us, it would mean that all the effort that we have put into to getting on the GCloud framework for Cyber Services has paid off and we can now grow and develop more opportunities within the Public Sector.