Government pumps £50m into AI recruitment

New ‘Turing AI Fellowships’ will help bring world’s best to UK shores in move designed to bolster the Industrial Strategy

Posted 5 November 2018 by Gary Flood

A new set of AI (Artificial Intelligence) posts are to be created by the Government to “attract and retrain the world’s top talent” in the technology.

The jobs – which are being underwritten by £50m of taxpayer cash – will be called ‘Turing Fellowships’, as they will be set up by The Turing Institute, named after the pioneering AI researcher who some campaigners want as the new face of British science on the next £50 note.

”This investment will help us to recruit and retain the best talent in AI and ensure that we are leading the way on research and development in the sector,” promised Jeremy Wright, Secretary of the Department of Media, Culture and Sport.

”In order to realise the significant opportunities for innovation and growth offered by the data and AI revolution, it is essential we nurture and grow the very best academic talent and expertise,” added the Institute’s Director, Adrian Smith.

The first Fellows are expected to be in place by Autumn 2109, with the scheme being claimed by the Government as part of the AI Sector Deal, which HMG says is now worth £1bn.