Are you a Digital Marketplace Contender? Then we need to hear from you!

ThinkDigitalPartners.com is on the hunt for great new G8 firms whose story needs to be better known. If that sounds like you, then get in touch ASAP

Posted 8 December 2016 by Gary Flood

Everyone's favorite contender: Marlon Brando in 'On The Waterfront' (by Film Star Vintage on Flickr)The government, as we know, wants more of its suppliers to come from the SME sector.

This is especially true in ICT – where the latest (July) figures from GDS show that The Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud) has racked up a cumulative total so far of just under £1.4bn (ex VAT) – and that 54% of total sales by value and 62% by volume have gone to smaller vendors. (For the newer DOS, the equivalent figures from August show £82m in sales, of which 35% went to SMEs, £28m worth of business.)

It’s a great start – but we all know this could be better, in not just proportion of sales going to SMEs, but the size of deals, as well as how much of the UK public sector’s procurement of tech goods and services could be going to Cloud (see our recent chat with G-Cloud application specialist Advice Cloud, for example).

Here at ThinkDigitalPartners.com, we want to help bring about that change.

That’s why we’re launching a new format* for the site – The Digital Marketplace Contenders.

What it is: a great way for you as a new G8/G9 entrant to showcase what you’re all about and what your value proposition is to the sector.

That means you can get a bit of visibility, as your profile will go straight out to our qualified public sector ICT buyer site readership.

What it isn’t: something you pay for. This is a free service we offer, as we’d love to help you get some airplay with us so as to further the original idea of G-Cloud and give the sector a wider set of suppliers to choose from than the dreaded ‘Oligopoly‘.

We should also say that you don’t have to be an SME to qualify for the profile! You may well be a mid-sized firm, or even a big one, just one that hasn’t maybe had a lot of traction on the Marketplace… maybe we could help change that?

So if you think you fit the bill to be classed as a Digital Marketplace Contender, then please drop a line to us at marketing@thinkdigitalpartners.com as soon as you can – and we’ll get you briefed on how to get on-boarded as soon as possible.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll do better than everyone’s favourite movie Contender, Marlon Brando’s hapless character Terry Molloy from On The Waterfront, whose brilliant speech we’re going to leave you with to get inspired by!

Hope to hear from you soon!

*You may have seen the format on an older site, 24n.biz – but that’s not a problem; if we profiled you then, maybe it’s time for a refresh?