THINK Digital Government 2017

The flagship THINK event, now running biannually. If you are involved in the procurement, planning or execution of public sector cloud and digital technologies, THINK Digital Government is a must-attend event for you.

Date: Friday 10 February 2017
Venue: Business Design Centre, Islington, N1 0QH

Why THINK Digital Government?

  • Agenda created by some of the UK’s best analysts and public sector commentators.
  • Top speakers from government, the industry and the analyst community.
  • Case studies, panel discussions and industry experts provide examples of best practice and effective working.  Share their success and learn from their mistakes.
  • Cabaret style seating to enable delegates to more effectively record the vital information learned at the conference.
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded senior executives and share your experiences.
  • Discuss your needs with some of the leading public sector supplier community.

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08:45 - 09:25


09:25 - 09:30

Chair's Welcoming Remarks

A welcome to the day’s proceedings.

  • Stuart Lauchlan, Co-founder & conference chair,
09:30 - 09:55

The Darling Buds of May

GlobalData Public Sector’s chief analyst Jessica Figueras offers an illuminating insight into the myriad of issues facing Theresa May’s new administration. With Brexit on the horizon, what are the implications for IT systems across Whitehall? What is the relationship between departments and GDS looking like now with a new GDS leader, Kevin Cunnington in place? This scene-setter for the day will also focus on other key issues impacting Whitehall IT: budgets, cloud, data-sharing and plot out what the IT map will look like for Theresa May’s new government.

  • Jessica Figueras, Chief Analyst, GlobalData Public Sector
09:55 - 10:25

Undesigning for Open Government

Defra’s Permanent Secretary, Clare Moriarty, discusses how open ways of working, open culture and open data can transform government. When designing for open government, there is an important place for plans and structure, but there also needs to be space for fluidity, for curiosity, and a willingness to try something new.

  • Clare Moriarty, Permanent Secretary, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
10:25 - 10:45

What Makes Us a World Leading Government?

The UN’s e-Government Index offers a snapshot of trends in the development of e-government in countries across the globe. 2016’s results named the UK as the world’s leading e-Government. But can we stay there? Hear what we plan to do in 2017 and beyond to ensure we stay No 1.

  • Olivia Neal, Deputy Director, Standards Assurance, Government Digital Service
10:45 - 11:00

Digital Dialogue

Industry thought leaders in a fireside chat with event chairman Stuart Lauchlan.  Discussing the digital government agenda items of the day.

No PowerPoint, no sales pitch, just advice guidance and insight.

  • Simon Hansford, CEO, UKCloud
  • Stuart Lauchlan, Co-founder & Conference Chair,
11:00 - 11:30


11:30 - 11:50

Data - Pushing the Boundaries

The modern economy provides both the challenge of measuring fast-evolving forms of economic activity, and the opportunity to exploit huge amounts of new data and information to help policymakers, researchers and businesses. Indeed, effective use of data is a prerequisite for good digital government.

Based at the headquarters of the Office for National Statistics in Newport, the ONS Data Science Campus has been created to respond to recommendations of the independent review of Economic Statistics conducted by Sir Charlie Bean of the London School of Economics. It will act as a hub and incubator for analysis, working collaboratively with Academics, colleagues across Government and the Public Sector, Industry and Third Sector partners who wish to help us push the boundaries of data science research.

Prior to its formal launch next month, Managing Director Tom Smith will discuss the Campus’s goal to exploit the growth and availability of innovative data sources, what we have achieved to date and how we can work together the public good.

  • Tom Smith, Managing Director of Data Science Campus, Office for National Statistics
11:50 - 12:05

'Crossing the gap' - moving from fully-serviced IT to the self-service Cloud

Public sector cloud is here to stay but there is a gap that needs to be addressed.  One of the challenges that all government departments face is that of moving from today’s IT with full helpdesk services into the self-service world of the cloud.

As an internal Government department, FCO Services understands this from both sides – both the concerns of the civil servants using the technology and also the technology itself. FCO Services’ Chief Technology Officer, Greg Bailey talks to Stuart Lauchlan about the challenges around a lack of understanding at end user level and the potential solutions that can support departments  as they adopt the cloud.

  • Greg Bailey, Chief Technology Officer, FCO Services
12:05 - 12:35

The Digital Value Proposition

Last year, a report by the influential government spending watchdog the National Audit Office (NAO) into central government staffing costs warned that despite the extensive work going into digital services across Whitehall, those efforts have yet to deliver significant staff cost savings. The concept of delivering ‘digital value’ is something that the NAO has returned to consistently in its reports. This discussion/interview with Max Tse from the NAO will explore how the delivery of digital value could be better explored by Whitehall departments.

  • Max Tse, Director for Transformation, National Audit Office
12:35 - 13:15


Your chance to attend two 15 minute sessions providing delegates with an opportunity to explore distinct aspects of key importance to the agenda.


13:15 - 14:15


14:15 - 14:45

The Agility Driver

GlobalData’s own Enterprise architect Gary Barnett leads a warts and all discussion on how public sector organisations are adopting agile methodologies. What have they learned, and what is their thinking on cloud microservices, and the role of enterprise architecture. The session will discuss whether organisations’ Agile teams are getting ‘business buy-in’ or whether they are seeing Agile fatigue and saturation set in.  If so, how are they dealing with any resistance?

  • David Bicknell (Host), Editor, Government Computing
  • Gary Barnett, Head of End User Advisory, GlobalData Technology
  • Adam Gwinnett, Head of Digital Architecture & Cybersecurity, HM Courts & Tribunal Service
14:45 - 15:15

SDS = Special Digital Service

How do you go about creating a crack digital team? Do you nurture digital talent? Or do you have to buy it in? How do you get the mix right? How does the ‘digital’ team ‘work with other departmental technology specialists? Can you acquire a successful culture? A large central government agency answers these questions and discusses its own first-hand experience of building and leading a winning digital team.

  • Betony Kelly, Group Head of Strategic Engagement, Digital Transformation, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
  • Rebecca Kemp, Digital Director, ex UKTI, BIS, PHE
15:15 - 15:45


15:45 - 16:20

Brexit means Brex-IT

Brexit! It is the key policy issue across government that everyone is aware of but ironically yet no-one knows enough about.  Brexit may mean Brexit for Theresa May but neither her not the triumvirate of Brexiteers – Boris Johnson, Liam Fox or David Davis – appear to be much further forward in how we should exit the EU, other than we now know May plans to trigger article 50 by the end of March 2017. Six months on from the referendum vote, this session will discuss what Brexit is beginning to mean from a departmental  IT point of view: the impact on the big departments DWP, HMRC, Defra; what IT systems that are based on UK not EU legislation may look like; and the subsequent procurement implications. 

  • Paul Waller, ex Cabinet Office Policy Maker
  • Michael Beaven, Director of Digital, Methods Digital
  • Joseph Owen, Researcher, Institute of Government
  • Gilbert Hill, Director, OneTrust
16:20 - 16:25

Chair's Closing Remarks

A final summary of what we have discovered during the day’s events.

  • Stuart Lauchlan, Co-founder & conference chair,


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FinancialForce helps Central Government bodies and agencies to transform their back office operations by providing solutions that automate the provisioning of resources (people) onto Projects, Cases, Audits, Programmes and Activities. This is done to give transparency into costs and effectiveness of the usage of such resources, by gaining visibility and power to drive efficiencies in utilisation, improve forecasting, planning and  improve margins where projects are billable. Clients include the National Audit Office.

FinancialForce provides Government organisations with new and better ways to transform their internal processes and systems using new, modern applications that minimise integration points and data silos – while providing key information and reporting with built in social media for collaboration.

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Ten10 is an approved supplier on Government frameworks including G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes & Specialists, and works extensively with Central and Local Government including; The Home Office, Houses of Parliament, The Cabinet Office, Skills Funding Agency, DVLA, Hampshire County Council and Bristol City Council.