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Meeco is an award-winning global pioneer in the emerging personal data economy.  Meeco empowers the digital citizen to provide access, consent, delegation and control over how their data is used with people and organisations they trust.

This enables a new ecosystem of services, personalisation and next generation business models that reduce cost, risk and friction, delivering increased value for all participants in a regulatory compliant manner.

Meeco operates in the UK, Europe and Australia and offers mobile and web capability for individuals to privately share their identity and personal data, with explicit consent management to enable people and organisations to:

  • Create digital identities
  • Collect, store and enable the verification of attributes
  • Connect securely peer-to-peer and/or directly with organisations
  • Share data with explicit consent (user asserted terms and conditions) = minutes, hours, date or duration
  • Create a unique digital signature of events (immutable personal timeline).

Meeco has been globally recognised and been the recipient of five industry awards since for identity, Fintech, RegTech, loyalty and personal data management in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Australia.

Meeco operates a cloud and API platform that integrates with enterprise identity platforms through on-boarding and digital service channels to enable more private and personalised services.

Main office address

10 John Street

Telephone number

+61 418 538 404


Key Products / Services / Sectors (USPs)

Meeco is a Platform comprising of an engagement layer, data store, consent engine and a range of mini apps to store, generate insight and exchange personal data.  Meeco is architected as an API driven platform with interfaces that can be used by consumer apps, or by other systems to integrate with Meeco and deliver an eco-system for life management.

Meeco offers a wide range of Products that make up the Platform:

Data Vault – Meeco’s data vault is a floexible API accessible key value store with categorisation for semantic interpretation.  The vault encrypts the data values at rest as well as in transit for security.  Each data item and slot are individually addressable and can be referenced via a pairwise pseudonymous identifier for protected sharing.

Attribute Wallet – Meeco enables verified attributes to be shared with a user, usually by the issuer or verifier, wbich can then be used in journeys by the user in future transactions.

3rd Party Integrations – Meeco connects with external parties via OAuth2 or OpenID Connect (or a middleware connector) to allow external data to be captured or verified in Meeco, and then shared in Meeco’s consent transactions. 3rd Party integrations include social networks, financial transaction, health, IoT and fitness data. 3rd Party identity providers can also be incorporated. Through this range of 3rd Party integrations, users can begin to collect and store data to validate their own user-asserted credit score or eligibility for access to a range of services that require authorisation or authentication.

Connections – Meeco connections enable trust relationships to be established between parties and for different levels of assurance. Connections can be peer-2-peer, or direct to an organisation. Connections enable data to be shared directly, with the option for the sender to modify and or delete the shared data.

Data Sharing – The value of data is unlocked by sharing. By enabling sharing in an environment of identified users, Meeco can capture terms and provide a record of consent receipts. Selective sharing also enables progressive disclosure, whereby users are able to select the minimum number of attributes to be shared in exchange for the maximum benefit.

Consent Engine – The Meeco consent engine records terms and can enforce simple rules (such as duration and on-sharing in the system), as well as provide a receipt of consent. Permissions enable data to be shared for minutes, hours, till a set-date or for the term of a product of service. Permissions can be edited before, during or after data is shared.

Permission Dashboard – The Permission dashboard is a user dashboard for the consent engine, allowing them to view and control their data’s use. Users are able to see what attributes have been shared with other people or organisations, together with the permissions set.

Attachments – Create Notes and add Attachments in a range of file formats. Scan documents or attach images directly from phone library. Save important documents including passport, driver’s license, e-identity cards. Attach letters of authority, certificates of incorporation or store boarding pass.

Immutable Personal Chain – All events and interactions in Meeco are recorded as immutable events for the identity, providing a personal chain of behaviour. This chain can be analysed to provide a feed of activities or scored to provide a reputation indicator for a specific purpose. The event chain is a generated data asset for the individual. As every event chain is unique, this provides strong assertion for fraud management, identification, authorisation and authentication. The event chain can record devices in use, shared date, web history, data requests and consent receipts.

Meeco has developed a range of APIs to support the provision of data and the delivery of services. These are provided as RESTful Web services.

The Meeco Platform provides a broad range of features that underpin the unique manner in which it supports customer business and operational models: –

  • Flexible Data Model
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Audit tracking of transactions through classified immutable events

Meeco is also able to provide a structured ‘Proof of Concept” and agile testing environment to prove business and citizen value prior to any significant investment. Production data is hosted in Europe on Azure and protected by GDPR. Both OAuth and Open ID Connect (OIDC) is  supported, and as a member of Kantara, Meeco is also working on extending the UMA protocol to handshake with our Consent Ledger.

In May 2018, Meeco published an extensive technical white paper; Zero Knowledge Proofs  of the Modern Digital Life: Access, Control, Delegation and Consent of Identity and Personal Data. The paper outlines Meeco’s product road map, including trusted services for Government to enable eIDAS and Identity services using distributed ledger.


Supports eID



Area of focus


Internal services (enterprise)

Identity provisioning (IdP)






On-board RPs

Offer translation of protocols

Handles federation

Integrate RPs/IDPs/Wallets

Can offer consent capture if required

Attribute brokerage

Can capture self-asserted

Can verify self-asserted

Can integrate with third parties (eg Open Banking)

Supports verified claims (VCs)

Verification services/support

Not supported


Yes – third party verifiers used (including Open Banking)

Yes – In-house verification service



Multiple factors (MFA)



Mobile device


Data store functionality

Attribute storage

Attribute sharing

Configurable for specific sectors (e.g. health)

Use decentralised stores (eg Wallets or online)

Can offer consent capture/handling

Account management for users



On request

Account recovery


Help desk

Key management required by user

Channel support




Digital assistant



Protocol support

SAML 2.0




DID (decentralised identifiers)

Third party capability





Risk-based authentication

Anti-fraud support

Data minimisation support

Consent management

Variable registration (multi-user journey support)

Support for accessibility

Logging and audit

Billing system

User Journeys


Offline options, incl. F2F

Upgrade paths to increase assurance levels over time

Creation of delegated accounts


To modify system behaviour

For risk-based authentication

To use events to drive transactions

To manage user journeys, including verification

To handle LOA upgrades/downgrades

API available



Wallet-based systems

Wallet available

SDK available


Handle payments

Handle identity document’s (eg drivers license)

Handle health information (eg vaccine certificates)



"Meeco provided us with huge value, not only in the development of use cases and user journeys, demos and proof of concepts, but also through the assistance and support in clarifying and validating the Privacy Exchange message to both external and internal customers."

David Geffen, Head of Privacy Exchange, Deutsche Telekom






Main point of contact

Name: Katryna Dow


Phone: +61 418 538 404