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Founded in 2011, iProov is the world leader in online facial biometric verification. We work with the world’s most security conscious organisations, including governments and banks, to provide citizens with secure access to online services.

Our customers include the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, the Estonian government through SKID, the NHS, Rabobank, ING, Eurostar and others.

iProov is used in two key ways:

  • For onboarding. As examples, iProov is used by EU citizens applying to the UK Settlement Scheme, and by UK residents creating NHS logins.
  • For ongoing authentication. Once a customer has onboarded, they use iProov to verify their identities when they return to use the service.

iProov’s unique patented technology provides Genuine Presence Assurance. This enables governments and enterprises to confirm that a citizen accessing a secure service online, whether using their mobile phone, computer, tablet or unsupervised kiosk, is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now. This provides the highest levels of security in protecting against impersonation, use of photos, videos, masks, and replay attacks, and the emerging threat of deepfakes.

In 2020 iProov won ‘Best Authentication Technology’ at the SC Awards and ‘Best of Show’ at Finovate for the third year running.

Main office address

10 York Road

Telephone number

0207 9932379


Key Products / Services / Sectors (USPs)

iProov biometric authentication technology provides public sector departments and enterprises with Genuine Presence Assurance – is this online user:

  1. The right person?
  2. A real person?
  3. Are they authenticating right now?

With over 19 patents, iProov is the only biometric authentication solution that checks for Genuine Presence in this way, preventing the use of sophisticated machine-driven crime.

Using iProov’s Flashmark technology, a user ‘iProovs’ themselves during an onboarding or authentication process. The user engages in a brief ‘ceremony’ lasting a few seconds, where the user’s face is illuminated with a series of colours as they hold their device in front of them. The ceremony increases trust in the security of the process and underlines its importance, while providing the most effortless user experience to increase success rates and reduce abandonment.

Originally available on mobile devices, iProov has been extended with iProov Web, which provides governments and enterprises with the ability to offer maximum inclusivity and accessibility. Citizens can now authenticate users on any device with a web browser. It not only enables governments to onboard citizens to use services, but can also be used for multi-factor authentication or step-up authentication for the more sensitive activities requiring additional security. Using the same technology for all devices ensures customers have the same experience whether authenticating on mobile, tablet or laptop.

iProov for Kiosks further extends the accessibility and inclusivity of iProov, enabling governments and other businesses to securely authenticate customers in branches, or in other low security locations. Users without access to the internet can now onboard and access services with the same security as remote users.

iProov Palm Verifier enables contactless identity verification using an individual’s palm, providing a simple, secure and hygienic alternative to face authentication, without the need for any specialist hardware.


Supports eID



Area of focus


Internal services (enterprise)

Identity provisioning (IdP)






On-board RPs

Offer translation of protocols

Handles federation

Integrate RPs/IDPs/Wallets

Can offer consent capture if required

Attribute brokerage

Can capture self-asserted

Can verify self-asserted

Can integrate with third parties (eg Open Banking)

Supports verified claims (VCs)

Verification services/support

Not supported


Yes – third party verifiers used (including Open Banking)

Yes – In-house verification service



Multiple factors (MFA)



Mobile device


Data store functionality

Attribute storage

Attribute sharing

Configurable for specific sectors (e.g. health)

Use decentralised stores (eg Wallets or online)

Can offer consent capture/handling

Account management for users



On request

Account recovery


Help desk

Key management required by user

Channel support




Digital assistant



Protocol support

SAML 2.0




DID (decentralised identifiers)

Third party capability





Risk-based authentication

Anti-fraud support

Data minimisation support

Consent management

Variable registration (multi-user journey support)

Support for accessibility

Logging and audit

Billing system

User Journeys


Offline options, incl. F2F

Upgrade paths to increase assurance levels over time

Creation of delegated accounts


To modify system behaviour

For risk-based authentication

To use events to drive transactions

To manage user journeys, including verification

To handle LOA upgrades/downgrades

API available



Wallet-based systems

Wallet available

SDK available


Handle payments

Handle identity document’s (eg drivers license)

Handle health information (eg vaccine certificates)



"iOS users are now able to benefit from faster automatic identity verification when creating their NHS login, giving them a single safe and secure way to access their digital healthcare services such as the NHS App.
More automated tools like this will help us to improve the experience of our users, increase demand capacity and ensure nobody is waiting too long to complete identity verification checks to gain access to their digital healthcare services."

Melissa Ruscoe, Programme Head for NHS login

"We knew genuine presence would be a key component in any successful remote identity verification platform. After all, a selfie alone doesn’t prove a real person is present, nor can it detect a mask or other spoofing techniques. So, we went to work, testing and spoofing between 25 and 30 solutions that were in the market. At the time of the EUSS opportunity, iProov was the only solution that our technical team couldn’t spoof."

Gordon Wilson, WorldReach CEO:

"We are very pleased to be working with iProov on this important innovation. We’re convinced it will enhance our passenger experience and offer a live illustration of how innovation can benefit the high speed rail and international transport industries."

Gareth Williams, Strategy Director and Company Secretary at Eurostar:



WorldReach Software





Main point of contact

Name: Jonathan Carney


Phone: 0207 9932379