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From inception Pivotl was designed to support important public sector institutions and their partners in using modern data tools, technologies, and approaches to:

  • Improve public services.
  • Enable economic growth.
  • Make better decisions, and
  • Increase inclusion of the most vulnerable in society.

We believe that a combination of smart strategy, modern delivery methods and world class data platforms can make a huge contribution to public service reform and the UK economy more broadly. This is why as a UK SME we are relentlessly focused on our brief. Data and public services were not practices or teams tacked onto an already existing digital transformation business – they sit at the heart of our culture, thinking, technology and ways of working.

Specialist in Microsoft Azure Data and AI services as well as Databricks, our multi-disciplinary teams are made up of world class design, engineering, data science and product management talent.  They are defined by their functional expertise as well as their passion for what data can do for public service outcomes. User needs, security, compliance, and operational performance form the foundations of our data solutions. Our ways of working are pragmatically aligned with Government Service Standards, the Technology Code of Practice and all appropriate cyber requirements.

We’re proud of our work. Amongst other successes we have:

  • Used data and machine learning to automate gas and safety certificate checking for major housing associations.
  • Used data and modern technology to help UK regulators and consumers assess pension risk and reduce fraud.
  • Used data to allow NHS Trusts to model, match and forecast clinical demand with workforce supply.
  • Used data to allow energy companies to identify and predict gas pipeline issues and improve field engineer safety.
  • Designed and built data infrastructure, tools and standards which allowing government departments to share data more easily and securely.
  • Used data to create recommendation systems, higher streaming quality, optimization of production costs and expansion to global audiences for a public service broadcaster.

To truly exploit data and associated technologies, organisations need a data native partner; focussed and specialist but able to link outcomes clearly to business goals and wider context. Pivotl is that partner.

Main office address

Registered Company Address:
22 Wycombe End,

Key Products / Services / Sectors (USPs)

Pivotl’s three core services have been designed to enable organisations to unlock the potential of data, to deliver increased productivity and growth, and exploit emerging technologies. 


Data Services

Regardless of where you are on your data journey or what you want to achieve, our proven process and data teams can support you across your:

Data Foundations – Strategy, Governance, Discovery, Literacy, Security, Ethics, Architecture

Data Engineering – Sources i.e. event, production, & external data, Pipelines, Storage i.e. lake, warehouse, & lakehouse

Data Analytics – Collaboration, Reporting, Visualisation, Modelling, Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – Data Science, Production AI/ML, Platforms, Applications, Automations


Cloud Services 

Leveraging cloud services in the right way will make all the difference to the success of building a data centric organisation. Encompassing:

Cloud Foundations – Strategy, Workload Discovery, Security, Architecture, Cost Optimisation

Cloud Engineering – Migrate On-Prem Systems, Infrastructure Build, Deployment Pipelines, Integration Services, Security Optimisation


Managed Services 

Organisations use us to not only support but continuously improve your mission critical data and cloud services. 

Data Managed Services – ML Models, Data Pipelines, Analytics, Platforms, Applications, Warehouses & Lakes

Cloud Managed Services – Routine Maintenance, Support SLAs, System Monitoring & Alerts, Security Monitoring, Infrastructure Management, System Improvements


User Focus

Technical users

Non-technical users

Internal users (enterprise)

External end users (consumers)

Managed services

Educational users


Raw data

Data engineering services

Data infrastructure

Data cleansing services

Data export services

Data frameworks

Data mining services

Data ingestion services

IoT data solutions

API connectors

Derived data

Data science services

Data analysis services

Data warehouse solutions

Data lake solutions

Enterprise application integration

ETL services

Cloud service derived data

Image data services

Mobile analytics

Generated datasets


Algorithms as a service

Machine learning services

Smart navigation

Streaming Services

Synthetic data generation

Cognitive search

Chatbots & digital assistants

Model training services

Machine learning libraries

Decision support

Data visualisation

Augmented intelligence

Business intelligence

GRC platforms

GDPR compliance platforms

Test analytics

Guided learning

Product analytics

Web analytics

Sales analytics

Marketing analytics

Forecasting services

Data Literacy

Automated decision making

ADM platforms

ADMS services

Artificial intelligence as a service

Machine translation

Automated advertising placement

Automated advertising personalisation

Compliance automation

Automated exception reporting

User interface




Web elements


Wearables & IoT








Main point of contact

Name: James Herbert


Phone: 07866 316470