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At Multiverse, we’re creating a new way to unlock digital transformation, close skills gaps and build diverse talent pipelines.

We work with over 1,000 companies, helping them address the business challenges that traditional hiring and training methods won’t solve. Our approach is simple – we source, train, and retain exceptional under-represented talent through professional apprenticeships.

We offer our programmes to those at the start of their career and existing employees at various employers looking to upskill or reskill across digital, data & AI. Apprentices benefit from personalised coaching, applied learning, and a community of social, networking and leadership opportunities.

Main office address

2 Eastbourne Terrace,
W2 6LG

Telephone number

020 3884 1067


Key Products / Services / Sectors (USPs)

Key features and benefits of all our apprenticeships programmes are:

1. Applied learning – individuals learn new skills and exercise those skills by practicing and applying them in a role

2. Expert coaching – 1-to-1 coaching from industry experts, for the apprentice and their apprentice manager

3. Global community – access to the Multiverse community, with a huge range of groups, networks and events

4. Durable skills – foundational skills that support holistic professional development

5. Accredited qualification – apprentices gain accredited qualifications needed to progress in a chosen industry 

6. Levy-funded:


Our programmes cover a range of data, technology and business skills. 

1. Data

 1.1 Data Literacy

 1.2 Data Fellowship

 1.3 Advanced Data Fellowship


2. Technology

2.1 Software Engineering


3. Business

 3.1 Digital Business Accelerator 

 3.2 Business Transformation Fellowship 


The length and depth of the programme varies, you can learn more here: 


User Focus

Technical users

Non-technical users

Internal users (enterprise)

External end users (consumers)

Managed services

Educational users


Raw data

Data engineering services

Data infrastructure

Data cleansing services

Data export services

Data frameworks

Data mining services

Data ingestion services

IoT data solutions

API connectors

Derived data

Data science services

Data analysis services

Data warehouse solutions

Data lake solutions

Enterprise application integration

ETL services

Cloud service derived data

Image data services

Mobile analytics

Generated datasets


Algorithms as a service

Machine learning services

Smart navigation

Streaming Services

Synthetic data generation

Cognitive search

Chatbots & digital assistants

Model training services

Machine learning libraries

Decision support

Data visualisation

Augmented intelligence

Business intelligence

GRC platforms

GDPR compliance platforms

Test analytics

Guided learning

Product analytics

Web analytics

Sales analytics

Marketing analytics

Forecasting services

Data Literacy

Automated decision making

ADM platforms

ADMS services

Artificial intelligence as a service

Machine translation

Automated advertising placement

Automated advertising personalisation

Compliance automation

Automated exception reporting

User interface




Web elements


Wearables & IoT




"The Multiverse Data Fellowship programme is integral to our data and digital transformation strategy and I'm continuously impressed with the quality of outputs we see from the apprentices.”

Charlie Batten, UK Head of Data & Digital Business Transformation, CBRE

“Skill sets gained through Multiverse go a long way in providing efficiencies to the NHS, with apprentices reporting a 24% efficiency increase when working with data after completing the programme. It has also enabled us to invest in our employees and their futures and is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to hone their data skills or reskill into a data role, as well as those at the very start of their career.”

Ming Tang, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, NHS England

“By upskilling individuals to become data efficient in their varied roles and functions, meant that they could move the business forward and deliver products and services without dependency on the data analytics and science team. That’s where apprenticeships come into play.”

Ryan Keane, VP of Data Analytics, WGSN




Morgan Stanley



Goldman Sachs





Main point of contact

Name: Aria Shirani


Phone: 07932795943