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Avoco delivers the technology and services needed to build  ecosystems that solve the need for identity-enabled trust, verification, and usability worldwide. 

Avoco’s core technology is an identity data orchestration platform, Avoco ODE (Orchestration and Decisioning Engine). Data orchestration connects people, data, and services to facilitate secure, usable, and verified transactions. Avoco’s solution to data orchestration goes beyond other orchestration vendors in the space by being scaleable and extensible to cover myriad identity data use cases. This extensibility draws in data from a variety of sources, including open banking.  ODE is able to connect to verification services and to validate and normalise data before sharing. Security and privacy of data are an inherent element of the technology

Main office address

Kamarsan Valley Road,
BH19 3DX

Telephone number

0207 078 7454


Key Products / Services / Sectors (USPs)

The product has some elements that are open source.

The solution offers omni-channel support, including web, digital wallets, smart TVs, digital assistants, F2F.

On-shore development.

Support options are available as required  

We support open standards including: OIDC, FAPI, CIBA MODRNA, open banking, FIDO. The solution is extensible to add other protocols and profiles as required.

The solution can be deployed using Public Cloud Services.


User Focus

Technical users

Non-technical users

Internal users (enterprise)

External end users (consumers)

Managed services

Educational users


Raw data

Data engineering services

Data infrastructure

Data cleansing services

Data export services

Data frameworks

Data mining services

Data ingestion services

IoT data solutions

API connectors

Derived data

Data science services

Data analysis services

Data warehouse solutions

Data lake solutions

Enterprise application integration

ETL services

Cloud service derived data

Image data services

Mobile analytics

Generated datasets


Algorithms as a service

Machine learning services

Smart navigation

Streaming Services

Synthetic data generation

Cognitive search

Chatbots & digital assistants

Model training services

Machine learning libraries

Decision support

Data visualisation

Augmented intelligence

Business intelligence

GRC platforms

GDPR compliance platforms

Test analytics

Guided learning

Product analytics

Web analytics

Sales analytics

Marketing analytics

Forecasting services

Data Literacy

Automated decision making

ADM platforms

ADMS services

Artificial intelligence as a service

Machine translation

Automated advertising placement

Automated advertising personalisation

Compliance automation

Automated exception reporting

User interface




Web elements


Wearables & IoT




Avoco Secure's ground breaking achievements are game changing which is the reason why I partnered with Avoco when I was with Experian and am now working with the company.

Jim Conning, former MD of Experian's UK Identity and Fraud division.

The attribute locker will make it easier for people to apply for public services and access benefits they are entitled to by putting them in control of their data, how they share it, and how it is used. To do this, we need a thorough understanding of technological considerations and options and Avoco’s expertise in this area will be invaluable.

Trudy Nicolson, Scottish Government’s Digital Identity Programme Director




Main point of contact

Name: Sandy Porter


Phone: 07917507636