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AND Digital is on a mission to close the world’s digital skills gap. To do that, we accelerate the digital capabilities of ambitious organisations, blending tech craft skills and product expertise with an award-winning approach to talent development. This means our clients can launch digital products and build high performing digital teams faster today, whilst simultaneously developing the critical capabilities they need to fuel their digital journey tomorrow.

With a growing team of experts, AND is hard at work supporting a diverse range of organisations across the UK – from ONS, DFE, Aviva and Lloyds Banking Group, to British Airways and Sky.

Main office address

3 Concorde Park,
Concorde Road,

Key Products / Services / Sectors (USPs)

Data driven strategy & transformation

Become intelligence-driven, with a clear vision and strategy for deriving maximum value from your data. Our approach designs data strategies aligned to organisational objectives, identifies the key initiatives to address challenges and opportunities, all mapped to a delivery plan.

Engineering data platforms for growth

Unlock the full value of your data by breaking down your silos and freeing the data stored in inaccessible databases. We build modern data platforms that makes it easy to meet organisational ambitions. With experience in all the major cloud providers, we’ll engineer scalable data platforms that make your data available everywhere it’s needed and power your growth.

Agile data product development

Make the most of your data through delivery of data products that are designed and built to meet your organisational objectives. Our agile approach to product development will deliver value sooner, enabling you to quickly and effectively harness the power of your data.

Data insights that drive action

Gain a deeper understanding of how your business works, how your customers interact with your products and services, and how you can deliver remarkable digital experiences. We enable you to gain valuable insights into operational efficiencies, as well as user behaviour, and develop and test new product features and offerings.


User Focus

Technical users

Non-technical users

Internal users (enterprise)

External end users (consumers)

Managed services

Educational users


Raw data

Data engineering services

Data infrastructure

Data cleansing services

Data export services

Data frameworks

Data mining services

Data ingestion services

IoT data solutions

API connectors

Derived data

Data science services

Data analysis services

Data warehouse solutions

Data lake solutions

Enterprise application integration

ETL services

Cloud service derived data

Image data services

Mobile analytics

Generated datasets


Algorithms as a service

Machine learning services

Smart navigation

Streaming Services

Synthetic data generation

Cognitive search

Chatbots & digital assistants

Model training services

Machine learning libraries

Decision support

Data visualisation

Augmented intelligence

Business intelligence

GRC platforms

GDPR compliance platforms

Test analytics

Guided learning

Product analytics

Web analytics

Sales analytics

Marketing analytics

Forecasting services

Data Literacy

Automated decision making

ADM platforms

ADMS services

Artificial intelligence as a service

Machine translation

Automated advertising placement

Automated advertising personalisation

Compliance automation

Automated exception reporting

User interface




Web elements


Wearables & IoT








Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Main point of contact

Name: Kirsty Rhodes


Phone: 07989 755757