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Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, empowers customers to run an always-on business by simplifying the protection, recovery, and mobility of on-premises and cloud applications. Zerto’s cloud data management and protection platform eliminates the risks and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption across private, public, and hybrid deployments. The simple, software-only platform uses continuous data protection at scale to converge disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility. Zerto is trusted by over 9,500 customers globally and is powering offerings for Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more than 350 managed service providers.

Public Sector organisations look to work with Zerto when they are:

  • Challenged with fully protecting their business applications from unplanned disruptions such as:
    • IT outages
    • Ransomware / virus attacks
    • Logical corruption
    • Accidental or malicious data deletion
    • Natural disasters
  • Frustrated with paying for redundant infrastructure to facilitate a disaster recovery environment
  • Striving to improve and simplify application mobility to mitigate against planned disruptions and events:
    • Infrastructure refresh and modernisation
    • Data centre and infrastructure consolidation
    • Creating a secure testing environment (Release, Upgrade, Patch)
    • Application migrations (on-prem to on-prem or cloud)
  • Facing shrinking backup windows and pressure to have applications available 24×7
  • Facing regulatory pressure for auditable DR testing with no impact on production workloads
  • Looking to reduce the number of tools required to provide application protection and mobility to simplify the environment and reduce software and ongoing operational costs
  • Looking for a solution that is agnostic to the underlying infrastructure or cloud platform, to avoid technology lock in and make better choices for their business needs

Main office address

1230 Arlington Business Park

Key Products / Services / Sectors (USPs)

Zerto provides a single, scalable software platform for continuous data availability and data protection of virtualised workloads, to, from and between on premise and multiple cloud platforms. This can be installed and replicating within 2 hours with no interruption to the protected applications

Zerto continues to grow and our market because we have a very different approach to other more traditional methods that you may be used to. We provide:

· Continuous Data Protection (not traditional backup or snapshot)

· Journal-based recovery to provide seconds of granularity  – RPO/RTO in seconds and minutes

· True Application Consistency (restore complete applications to a single point in time with Virtual Protection Groups)

· A single converged platform for Disaster Recovery, Continuous Backup, Long Term Retention, Cloud Mobility, Orchestration and Migration

· We are Hypervisor and Cloud agnostic (vSphere, Hyper-V, AWS, Azure, IBM, Google plus 400+ Cloud Service Providers)

· We are Infrastructure and Application agnostic (SW sits in Hypervisor)


Backup and disaster recovery

Backup solutions

Incident response

Disaster recovery solutions

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Penetration testing

Vulnerability scanning

Automated test tools

Web app PEN tests

Mobile app/IoT PEN tests

Social engineering PEN tests

Red Teams

Cybersecurity awareness training programs

On-site training programs

Online training

Interactive training videos


Automated phishing simulations

Cybersecurity consultancy

Compliance assistance

Security assessment, policy help, strategic advise

Information risk assessment

Privacy Impact Assessment services

Security architecture

Digital forensics and investigation services

Security and data protection audit

Network security

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) prevention

Email security

Firewalls and web access firewalls (WAF)

Network segmentation

Security information and event management (SIEM)

Other intrusion detection (Machine Learning / AI based)

Endpoint security solutions

Mobile security


IoT security

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Network infrastructure controls, e.g. Firewalls, switches, security policy enforcement


URL filters

Security email gateway


Print management and security

Threat intelligence monitoring and detection

Consultancy and advice

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Security information and event management (SIEM)

Network Traffic Analysis Framework

Web Proxy

Cybersecurity Platform

Phishing detection

Fraud detection

Rogue or Fake Mobile App Detection

Surface, “Deep” and “Dark” Web Monitoring

Social media monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Managed security services (MSSP)

Protective monitoring

Incident response

Vulnerability management

Threat management

Telco security

Security help desk and support

Staff training

Identity and access management

Identity provisioning (IDP)

Data verification

Data orchestration services

Identity hub

Authentication (credential) of citizens

Authentication (credential) of employees and other internal persons

Anti-fraud services, e.g. behavioural monitoring

Attribute provisioning and verification

Identity networks

Identity apps

Privacy and consent management

Privileged access management (PAM)


“Zerto was the obvious choice. It was the only solution that met all our requirements and helps us ensure we have the technologies we need up and running to deliver exceptional patient care.”


“When Zerto first presented their solution to us, we put it in the `too good to be true' category. Now that we have used the technology, we can say that it did everything that Zerto said it would.”


“When it goes well, no one notices. When it goes wrong, people's lives are put at risk. We are critical to the protection of staff and citizens of SurreyCC. We take it seriously and Zerto provides that golden silence - it is all working. This is born from knowledge because we can test and audit DR on a daily basis should we wish to.”









Main point of contact

Name: Tony Walsh


Phone: +44 (0)7866 255 868