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Consult Hyperion is an independent strategic and technical consultancy, based in the UK and US, specialising in secure electronic transactions. With over 30 years’ experience, we help organisations around the world exploit new technologies to secure electronic payments and identity services. We are experts in card, mobile, security and identity technologies and we help our clients use them to deliver market leading digital services.

We have extensive digital identity experience having worked for banks, mobile operators and governments around the world. This has included advising the Scottish Government and the Government of Jersey on their respective digital identity strategies and  being retained as subject matter experts for the Irish Government’s Public Services Card.

We offer advisory services and technical consultancy using a practical approach and expert knowledge of relevant technologies. Hyperlab, our inhouse software development and testing team, further supports our globally recognised expertise at every step in the electronic transaction value chain.

Main office address

Tweed House
12 The Mount

Telephone number

01483 301793


Key Products / Services / Sectors (USPs)

We provide independent and impartial subject matter expertise in consumer payments and consumer identity. We have a global view of markets, players, technologies and developments in both of these areas.

We are agnostic to particular solutions and technologies but understand the benefits of open, standardised and interoperable approaches. Our goal is always to find the solutions that best meets the needs of our client.

We assist organisations in developing and executing strategies in payments and identity. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Developing technology and service roadmaps, helping our clients set a future vision and mapping path to achieving it.
  • Specification and standards writing. We have considerable experience authoring specifications and standards for use in open systems. These necessarily have to be clear and precise.
  • Implementation including prototyping services and building reference implementations, as well as supplier sourcing and selection
  • Structured risk assessment and privacy impact assessments, using our Structured Risk Assessment methodology which describe risks in business terms, enabling business owners to make informed choices.

We are experts in smart cards, secure hardware, mobile technology, cryptography and key management, having played a key role in population scale systems such as the payment card networks, Transport for London contactless payments and M-Pesa in Kenya.


Area of focus


Internal services (enterprise)

Identity provisioning (IdP)





On-board RPs

Offer translation of protocols

Handles federation

Attribute brokerage

Can capture self-asserted

Can verify self-asserted

Can integrate with third parties

Verification services/support

Supply verification

Utilise verification services





Mobile device

Data store functionality

Attribute storage

Attribute sharing

Configurable for specific sectors (e.g. health)

Account management for users



On request

Account recovery


Help desk

Channel support




Digital assistant


Protocol support

SAML 2.0




Third party capability





Risk-based authentication

Anti-fraud support

Data minimisation support

Consent management

Variable registration (multi-user journey support)

Support for accessibility

Logging and audit

Billing system

User Journeys


Offline options, incl. F2F

Upgrade paths to increase assurance levels over time

Creation of delegated accounts


To modify system behaviour

For risk-based authentication

To use events to drive transactions

To manage user journeys, including verification

To handle LOA upgrades/downgrades

API available




‘Starting an economy wide conversation about trust and digital identity, requires consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. Through a series of workshops, involving both public and private sector participants, Consult Hyperion facilitated the development of guiding principles for digital identity. Consult Hyperion brought excellent facilitation skills and deep subject matter expertise to the process, which enabled open and constructive conversations.’

Victoria Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, Australian Payments Network

‘Consult Hyperion have consistently contributed high quality feedback, deliverables and whitepapers to the DIACC during our work together over the last few years. We often look to them, to help to ensure that we have a global perspective as we know they are working with many of the major players in both the identity and payments industry. They have a well known reputation of deep domain expertise, a forward-thinking approach that values innovation, and an ability to translate difficult concepts into something that is easy to digest.’

Joni Brennan, President, DIACC


Main point of contact

Name: Chris Horswell


Phone: +44 7760 887663