Salesforce’s head of public sector UK to speak at major AI conference

James Lee-Smith will be on stage to lead a ‘Digital Dialogue’ on major trends coming through in world governmental usage of the technology – and what the UK needs to do to keep up

Posted 10 August 2017 at 8:42am by

Salesforce has confirmed which of its UK executives will be on stage for the special ‘Digital Dialogue’ at the Think AI for Public Sector 2017 conference in London in just under six weeks’ time.

The Dialogue will centre on how advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics could be a huge opportunity for public sector agencies to meet and anticipate citizen needs.

The cloud leader is also expected to review how organisations around the world are making use of the technology to transform their business – and why now is the time for the public sector to harness the power of this major tech.

The Salesforce spokesperson in question is the company’s Head of Public Sector, James Lee-Smith.

“There’s an incredible opportunity ahead for government agencies to use new technologies like machine learning and predictive intelligence to be more proactive with citizen service, increase citizen engagement and benefit from cost efficiencies,” he told Think Digital Partners.

“Predictive intelligence, machine learning and other AI tools present incredible opportunities for the public sector to be at the forefront of innovation and experience. And what’s more, we’re at a point where these innovative projects are no longer a ‘future vision’, but can be implemented in the short term. I look forward to joining Think AI to discuss how government agencies can be ready to take advantage of the service opportunities presented by AI.”

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